NZ Digital Podcast 8: Blogging Concentrated – Rachel Marie Martin & Dan Morris

  This episode Rachel Marie Martin and Dan Morris  from Blogging Concentrated joined Paul Spain (@paulspain) for a chat at the Podcasts NZ studio in Auckland. Dan R...

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NZ Digital Podcast 7: Storytelling for Brand Placement on Instagram

                  In this episode of the New Zealand Digital Podcast, Ross McDougall and Paul Spain speak with guests Sophie Blachford...

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NZ Digital Podcast 6: A chat with Twitter’s Olly Wilton

This episode Twitter arrive in New Zealand to begin establishing their local presence. Olly Wilton (@ollywilton) joined Paul Spain (@paulspain) and Ross McDougall...

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Welcome aboard

Posted on 17 Mar 2013 in Blog, News

If you’ve just discovered us then welcome. We’ll be off the ground soon with our very first podcast, being launched in conjunction with NZ’s #1 local dedicated podcast: NZ Tech Podcast.

The regular hosts will include Paul Spain, John Lai and Sim Ahmed. They all have considerable experience in the digital field and we’ll be adding biographies for them shortly.

While we work on getting our first episode online, feel free to listen to some of the digital content from big brother – the NZ Tech Podcast:

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